Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs

jack and jill bathroomAt Planese we know that Jack and Jill bathroom designs may seem unusual and old-fashioned to many modern homeowners in the 21st century, but these types of bathrooms were a staple of home design for a very long time and actually are a very useful idea.

A Jack and Jill bathroom refers to a bathroom that has two entrances leading to different rooms, usually bedrooms. This was done so that effectively you could have two ensuite rooms without the need for building a second bathroom. Usually the tub would be in the center of a bathroom that also had a toilet and often had a wash basin on one or both sides. The name of the design comes from the early use of the bathrooms when they were situated between the bedrooms of two children – usually a boy and a girl.

Jack and Jill bathroom designs are most commonly found in homes built during the 1950s, and many people probably remember this type of bathrooms featuring in many movies and TV shows of the time, such as The Brady Bunch!

Nostalgia aside, a shared bathroom was a very effective use of space and provided extra privacy when installed between two bedrooms. The downside of course was that you would have to make sure both doors were locked when you were using the bathroom, and some designs even made it so that you could see through the shower into the other bedroom!

But why aren’t Jack and Jill bathrooms included in houses today?

With modern home remodeling trends leaning towards a more luxurious, high-end feel, Jack and Jill bathrooms fell out of fashion as many homeowners want separate, private bathroom additions for individual bedrooms.  You can, however, still find Jack and Jill bathrooms included as part of a design to connect two children’s bedrooms in modern homes.

So, although Jack and Jill bathroom designs may feel old-fashioned, they can actually be a practical way to save space, add privacy and spare you the expense of building a bathroom addition.

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Small Bathroom Ideas

small bathroomIt can be difficult for homeowners to find good information on how to remodel a small bathroom. Most design ideas found in home décor magazines feature huge, spacious, luxurious, bathrooms – which are spaces most of us don’t have in our homes. But instead of building a bathroom addition with a massive cost per square foot to remodel, there are a number of great ways to make the most of the space you have.

When you’re thinking of decorating ideas for small bathrooms, there are four main areas to keep in mind:

  • making the most of existing space
  • ways to make the room look bigger
  • clever storage solutions
  • adding a hint of luxury

And Planese has some great tips in each area to make your small bathroom feel larger:

Make the most of existing space

  • Replace the tub with a shower
  • Install a wall-hung toilet and sink
  • Don’t install a fitted vanity or double sinks
  • Choose wall-mounted cabinets
  • Use a mirror fronted cabinet as well as mirrored backsplash
  • Install glass shelving
  • Remove all the clutter!

Make the room look bigger

  • Increase the amount of light by installing a larger window
  • Add a large mirror and mirrored backsplash to reflect light and make the room seem larger
  • Paint using brighter colors
  • Install a frameless enclosure on your show
  • Use clear glass instead of frosted
  • Minimize fixtures like towel bars and racks

Clever storage solutions

  • Add a linen closet outside the bathroom to make bathroom storage space nearby
  • Install glass shelving that’s wall mounted
  • Use a wall mounted cabinet instead of a vanity
  • Choose a shallow medicine cabinet with a mirrored front
  • Use baskets to arrange assorted bathroom items neatly and attractively

Add a hint of luxury

  • Install a body spa shower
  • Choose fogless mirrors
  • Add a stained glass window for eye-catching drama
  • Install under-floor heating
  • Install a towel warmer
  • Add candles and tinted lighting to create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere

These are just a few of the many ideas for small bathrooms  that can help you love the space you have. By simply using light and color effectively, being creative with storage and minimal fixtures, as well as adding a few simple luxurious touches, you can create a relaxing haven in any small bathroom.

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How to Calculate Bathroom Remodel Costs

bathroom remodel costsWorking out a budget for your bathroom remodel is the first step towards a successful project. But coming up with an accurate estimate can be a daunting task as there are a lot of variables to consider – so there is no one size fits all formula for calculating the cost of a bathroom remodel.

Size itself plays a big part in estimating bathroom remodeling costs; are you building an addition or giving an existing bathroom a makeover? Is it a small guest bath or a master bathroom you’re remodeling? Read on to find out how different bathrooms come with different price tags.

Half Bathroom

A half bathroom can also be known as a powder room, and is usually a smaller guest bathroom located on the main floor of a house. It can also be an extra bathroom on the same floor as the bedrooms for extra convenience. A half bathroom consists of just a toilet and a sink, so being the smallest size bathroom it is the cheapest to remodel. The average price tag for a half bathroom remodel can range from $4,000 to $15,000 assuming you hire someone to do the work.

Three Quarters Bathroom

A progression from the basic half bathroom, a three quarters bathroom contains a sink, toilet and shower but has no bathtub. This type of bathroom is very popular in more modern homes as it saves space and many homeowners now prefer quicker, more environmentally friendly showers to large bathtubs. Having a shower in the bathroom adds about 30 square feet to the floor space of the bathroom, and also means that there will be more plumbing and labor costs. For a three quarters bathroom remodel you should be budgeting between $6,000 and $20,000.

Full Bathroom

A master bath with a toilet, sink, shower and bathtub will cost you between $8000 and $30000

So as you can see, just the amenities you want to include can drastically affect the price you pay for the bathroom remodel. But there are also a number of further variables that can drive up or lower the cost of a remodel. For a smaller, more compact bathroom you’ll end up paying less than a bathroom with a large square footage as there will be more flooring and tile needed in a bigger room. Also, bigger bathrooms will typically have a larger vanity and countertop.

Even the choice of material will make a huge difference to your cost in the end. You may want a beautiful granite countertop, but Formica will be much more affordable if you’re trying to keep costs low!

One of the biggest costs for any remodeling project is the labor you must hire. So, ask yourself: how much of the work can I do myself? Even if you’re not a keen DIY-er, there are basically prep and finishing jobs you can do yourself. If you’re ripping out the bathroom and starting again, do the demo yourself to save a day’s labor costs. At the end of the remodel, take it upon yourself to do the cleaning and painting touch-ups to save yourself both time and money.